Home Depot Measurement Services (HDMS) Real Estate Disclaimer

Use of HDMS floor plans is limited to marketing, advertising and display purposes only. Although HDMS floor plans are accurately measured to the highest industry standards, they are created using interior measurements and do not meet the criteria for appraisal or taxation purposes and therefore are not warranted for these uses. In no event shall HDMS be liable to any third parties who receive or rely upon the measurement results communicated and/or obtained by HDMS. Liquidated damages are the customer's sole remedy and are limited to the amount paid to HDMS by the customer. In no event shall HDMS be liable to any third parties including but not limited to homeowners, sellers of real property, purchasers of real property, leasors of real property or lessees of real property, unless those individuals are customers of HDMS and have paid for the order in dispute. In the event that there is a dispute of any kind arising out of HDMS's contract with the customer, the parties stipulate that the sole place to initiate any claim is in the State of Michigan, County of Oakland and the customer waives the right to make a jury demand. In no event shall HDMS be required or ordered to pay customer and customer waives any claim for an award of exemplary damages, special damages and any award of attorney fees upon HDMS's refund of the amount paid by the customer. HDMS reserves the right to go back to the site and remeasure to correct any errors in order to facilitate the order. This trip will be at no cost to the customer provided the error was HDMS's responsibility.