Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What if I'm experiencing problems completing or submitting my order?
A:Please call Home Depot Measurement Services at (800) 248-8982 or visit your local The Home Depot store and they will be able to complete your order.
Q:Can I set up a measure online for both residential and commercial locations
A:No, measures purchased online are only intended for single-family, residential locations. For commercial spaces please visit your local The Home Depot store.
Q:What if I'm not sure what type of flooring I want for my installation when scheduling my online measure?
A:Select a non-carpet type of flooring, such as vinyl, ceramic, laminate or wood. We understand that flooring selections can change over time and that is a customer's personal choice. However, a measure done for a non-carpet product requires additional information to be gathered at the time of the measure. Carpet installations don't require this additional information. Therefore, if you later decide to switch from non-carpet to carpet there will be no need for an additional site visit.
Q:Why is a measure necessary to have my flooring installed?
A:A professional measure is necessary for The Home Depot to accurately quote your product quantity and labor and to back the installation integrity. Every flooring job is customized to your home's specifications. A site visit is required to get the proper measurements and understand the current home conditions the installers will encounter while at the job site.
Q:What will the measure technician do while at the job site?
A:Determine the amount of materials to be used in the project. Measure the entire area requiring new flooring. Evaluate the existing flooring for damage and levelness. Determine any special installation requirements or additional materials needed. Perform a moisture test (where applicable). Create a diagram of the floorplan. All information is gathered from a topical, non-invasive perspective. All this information is later submitted to The Home Depot in order to create a quote for your install job.
Q:Will the measure technician be able to tell me details about my installation?
A: The measurer will not be able to discuss seam placement, costs, or other installation details at the time of the measure visit. However, your The Home Depot sales associate will be able to address such issues once The Home Depot receives the measure results (typically, the day after your measure visit).
Q:What will The Home Depot do with the information obtained in during the measure appointment? How does it impact what I will pay for my installation?
A:A quote will be created detailing the product quantities and the labor requirements to complete your installation. This will determine the cost for your installation. The quantity of product needed for your installation may differ from the actual area of your room and is used to determine certain labor charges. Sometimes additional product will need to be ordered so that customized cuts can be made to have an exact fit to the installation space. Please note, the measure technician can only evaluate the flooring from a topical, non-invasive perspective. Some unforeseen issues or subfloor conditions may be discovered at the time of the installation which may impact the project cost and timeline.
Q:How do I get a copy of my measure diagram?
A:Measure diagrams are available within 2 business days after the measure is complete. The Home Depot associate will review the dimensions with you before posting the room and seam placement diagrams online for you to view.
Q:What happens to the money that I pay for the measure?
A:The measure payment is non-refundable. However, if you decide to purchase your flooring installation through The Home Depot, your measure payment will be credited to the cost of your installation.
Q:If I don't purchase my flooring installation through The Home Depot do I still get a copy of my measure diagram and information?
A:No. This information is released only if the flooring installation is purchased through The Home Depot.
Q:If I select a date, is it confirmed?
A:Yes, if you are able to select a date in the online system, this is considered a confirmed appointment date. The measure technician will contact you between 7am and 9am on the day of the measure to schedule a two-hour window. If the provided window is not acceptable, notify the measure technician at that time to reschedule at no additional charge.
Q:If a calendar does not appear on the Choose Date Screen for me to schedule my measure, how is the appointment set up??
A:The measure company will contact you within 2 business days to setup the appointment date.
Q:What if the date I need is not available?
A:Please call or visit your selected The Home Depot Store and they may be able to assist you on a one-off basis.
Q:What if I need to change or cancel my appointment?
A:If you know, in advance, that you need to change this measure appointment, please contact Home Depot Measurement Services at 1-800-248-8982.
For measure cancellations and to receive a full refund, you must contact your selected The Home Depot prior to the morning of the scheduled appointment.
Now that you've completed your payment, your order will be sent to the flooring manufacturer and to the Authorized Service Provider. Once your flooring products are delivered to the Authorized Service Provider, he/she will contact you to schedule your installation date and time. Keep in mind that different types of flooring have differing lead times. Please ask your store's Flooring Specialist for details on lead times.

What is requested of me BEFORE the installation?
The following information is a checklist of items to prepare your home for your new flooring. Proper preparation helps the installation go smoothly and efficiently

Empty all closets (clothes must be at least 4' up from the floor) receiving the new floor covering
Remove all items from underneath beds and remove bed coverings
Remove lamps, knickknacks, glassware from china cabinets, books from bookcases
Remove all pictures and mirrors from walls
Disconnect and move all computers, stereos, TVs, VCRs, DVD equipment, or any other electronics
Inform the measurer and installer of all wires located under the carpet or along baseboards
Check for cable wire connections under existing floor covering(s)

Furniture Removal
    Remove all furniture possible from the rooms receiving the new flooring. Additional charges will apply if you choose to have the Authorized Service Providers move furniture for you. Our Authorized Service Providers are not equipped to remove:
  • antiques
  • grandfather clocks
  • gas stoves
  • refrigerators
  • aquariums
  • waterbeds
  • pool tables
  • pianos
  • safes
  • electronics

    Removal of Existing Flooring
    If you have elected not to have the installers remove your existing flooring, you must have this done before the installation (please call your store's Project Expeditor if you wish to add this service)

    Proper Power & Temperature
    Make sure that adequate power, light, water, ventilation, and heat or air conditioning will be available during the installation. Temperature at the site should be maintained at or near occupancy levels of 65 to 75 degrees for 3 days prior to the installation and during the installation period. For laminate and wood, humidity levels should be maintained between 35-55%
    Secured Premises (Condominiums and Gated Communities)
    Please check with your building management for parking accessibility and delivery times for your installation (such as elevators, service entrances, front desk procedures, etc.). Please inform your Installation Specialist if there are special parking needs
    Painting and Construction (for newly constructed rooms/houses)
    Be sure all construction is completely closed in with drywall and plaster finish. Allow one week for freshly painted areas to dry and cure before the flooring installation date
    Cancellation and Schedule Changes
    If you have any issues with your installation date and need to reschedule, call yor store as soon as possible in order to not incur any additional cancellation charges
    Flooring installation is a construction process which is customized to fit the style of your home. As in any construction process, there is always a chance of unforeseen issues. Some issues cannot be detected until the installation process has begun (i.e. moisture damage, floors with structural damage, asbestos floors, etc). If unforeseen issues are discovered upon the removal of current flooring, a Change Order may be required and additional charges may apply to the installation.
    Product Inspection
    Once the flooring product(s) have been delivered to you, it is recommended to inspect the materials to ensure that everything is as ordered prior to the installation.
      An adult over 18 years of age with the authority to make decisions must be present at the time of installation. Once the installation begins, the entire process takes an average of 1 to 5 business days. This includes:
  • Light preparation of existing floor
  • Installation of the new flooring
  • Inspection of the finished flooring

    Because flooring installation is a construction process, expect loud noise, residual dust, and no usable access to the installed room(s) during the installation.

    After the new flooring installation is complete, inspect the work by conducting a walk through with the Authorized Service Provider. Please express any concerns at this time to the Authorized Service Provider
    Although the Authorized Service Providers are cautious and careful, normal installation methods may slightly scuff the existing baseboards or walls. Please expect to do minor touch-up painting after the installation
    Inspect all doorways where flooring was installed. If you have purchased a thicker carpet, carpet pad, or if a new subfloor was placed on top of an existing subfloor, you may need to have your doors trimmed to accommodate the new flooring height level
    Sign the Customer Acceptance form, indicating that the installation has been completed to your satisfaction
    Adhesives used for the installation can produce strong odors. It may be necessary to ventilate your home after the installation
    Changing your air filters is an important follow-up to your installation

    Customer Satisfaction
    Your satisfaction is very important to us and we want to ensure that you have a great experience with The Home Depot. If any issues or concerns arise during or after the installation that cannot be resolved by your Project Expeditor or by the Authorized Service Provider, please contact The Home Depot store and ask to speak to the Store Manager. If issues have still not been resolved to your satisfaction, please contact the Customer Care Department
    at 1-800-553-3199

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